Our Team

Grant Taylor, Science Director

With a background as a psychologist, Grant is a consultant in designing healthcare interventions and technology to optimize end-user engagement.

Grant is former Executive Director of The Kids Help Foundation Trust and Director of Group Clinical and Research at Atlantis Healthcare.

Damien Tauri, Creative Director

Damien provides creative and strategic direction for +Play and its projects.

Damien has worked with emerging technologies in the music and videogame industries and the IT and software fields.

Chris Lakatani, Relations Director

Chris handles relationships, external and internal for +Play.

Chris has trained corporate teams in NZ, Australia, the UK and the US with clients including BellSouth, ANZ, Optus Communications, AMP, Westpac and British Telecom.

Corina Enache, Associate

Corina Enache is a cultural anthropologist with 10 years business experience in Coca Cola, Beiersdorf and Natura.

Corina applies her anthropologist’s lens to our company ecosystem, our product development processes, and the behaviour of our products’ users.