We’re in the improvement game.

Improvement for, by, of people.

Business improvement – Service improvement – Outcomes improvement

Achieved through improvement for, by, of people.


+Play is a business, social and personal improvement company using gamification and storyfication principles and methodologies to provide service platforms that encourage engagement and behaviour change.

Our mission is to improve the processes and systems that shape our lives – in business, life and in play – creating greater efficiency, productivity and financial gains and helping us to enjoy better, more fulfilling lives.

We take your business or system processes, add (+) our methodologies and principles of game design (Play) to them via our gamification service platform, and help you achieve the improved outcomes you are looking for.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, we bring our extensive training, IT, game, psychology and software development backgrounds to your project.




Gamification describes the application of game design principles to non-game activities in order to promote engagement and drive desired behaviours.

Videogame design is a discipline that has been honed over many years to produce high rates of engagement, learning, community, competition and adoption of new behaviours – and the methodologies can be applied in other fields to achieve the same results.

To stand out amongst the millions of apps available,  a videogame has to be immediately intriguing, stimulating but not too hard, help you learn as you play, hold your interest as you progress, and provide an experience that you want to return to and repeat over and over again.

Gamification is not just a fad and it is much more than a buzzword du jour.

Various aspects of gamification have been in use for a long time – examples are frequent flyer miles, coffee loyalty cards, and so on. But the field has evolved and improved thanks to advancement in game design and growing understanding of how people interact with games,  particularly since the advent of social platforms like Facebook.

Gamification is not about videogames or wasted time on mindless entertainment.

The development of a gamification program involves a thorough understanding of the target ‘players’, the strategic planning of specific behaviour-change goals, the execution of an agile strategy of continuous programme development that learns and adapts in response to the players’ behaviour, and real-time tracking, acknowledgement and rewards that engage and motivate the user towards the desired behavioural goals.

Gamification is hot at the moment because leaders in the field like Bunchball and LevelEleven are making great headway. Leading IT research company, Gartner, says:

 “…by 2014… more than 70% of global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application, driving 50% of all innovation”.

our executive team+

Randal Meikle

Technology Director

Randal manages +Play’s administration and IT.

Randal’s background as a Service Delivery Manager in the Information and Communication Technology industries is complemented with experience in software development and video production.

Chris Lakatani

Relations Director

Chris handles relationships, external and internal for +Play.

Chris has trained corporate teams in NZ, Australia, the UK and the US with clients including BellSouth, ANZ, Optus Communications, AMP, Westpac and British Telecom.

Damien Tauri

Creative Director

Damien provides creative and strategic direction for +Play and its projects.

Damien has worked with emerging technologies in the music and videogame industries and the IT and software fields.

Tim Darbyshire

Development Director

Tim is a scripter and IT engineer.

He’s also a qualified sound engineer and formerly an experienced Manager for a major consumer electronics chain.

Grant Taylor

Science Director

With a background as a psychologist, Grant is a consultant in designing healthcare interventions and technology to optimize end-user engagement.

Grant is former Executive Director of The Kids Help Foundation Trust and Director of Group Clinical and Research at Atlantis Healthcare.