What we do


We use game design principles to engage people in a shared activity, introduce them at a pace that suits them, and maintain ongoing engagement in activities that interest them.


We design systems that inform people of their progress toward personal goals in ways that motivate and encourage.


By promoting shared goals and rewarding constructive behaviours we encourage and inspire people to engage in the ongoing improvement of their environment.

City+ is an app to connect users to the people, places and things within their city. Acting as a window into the invisible, internet-connected world around us, City+ delivers the information we want, when and where we want it.

For organisations, City+ offers a way to connect with users on a platform designed to encourage engagement and promote joint endeavour.

For users, City+ offers a voice and a means of expression via an app that puts user safety and privacy first.


Grant Taylor

Science Director

With a background as a psychologist, Grant is a consultant in designing healthcare interventions and technology to optimize end-user engagement.

Grant is former Executive Director of The Kids Help Foundation Trust and Director of Group Clinical and Research at Atlantis Healthcare.

Damien Tauri

Creative Director

Damien provides creative and strategic direction for +Play and its projects.

Damien has worked with emerging technologies in the music and videogame industries and the IT and software fields.

Chris Lakatani

Relations Director

Chris handles relationships, external and internal for +Play.

Chris has trained corporate teams in NZ, Australia, the UK and the US with clients including BellSouth, ANZ, Optus Communications, AMP, Westpac and British Telecom.

Randal Meikle

Technology Director

Randal manages +Play’s administration and IT.

Randal’s background as a Service Delivery Manager in the Information and Communication Technology industries is complemented with experience in software development and video production.

Tim Darbyshire

Development Director

Tim is a scripter and IT engineer.

He’s also a qualified sound engineer and formerly an experienced Manager for a major consumer electronics chain.

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